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Btw I just have to point out that Dallon is the only bandmate Brendon has actually kissed (on the lips) and that makes me happy. Who cares about cheek kisses when you can have real kisses! This interview is great. 

No no no I weren't talking about you guys, I was just saying in general about people throwing those words around. People need to be careful, this wasn't a attack on you or this blog, I actually agree with everything you guys have been posting about it.

A question by Anonymous

Oh okay, my bad. I appreciate it! And I agree, it’s really ridiculous and not cool.

ohh no what have I missed? what push are people talking about?

A question by addictwithasharpie

We’re talking about the Brallon moment from Sunday night where Dallon groped Brendon’s crotch.

people do realise that these are two grown arse married men, who love their wives. People can't go around throwing the word abuse or rape, because that can actually really ruin someones life. Think before you speak people. I hope Dallon hasn't seen any of this, it could sway him to leave

A question by Anonymous

Hold on, are you seriously trying to say that this blog is responsible for throwing around the words “abuse” and “rape” when it was going around all over tumblr before someone even came to me and asked about it? Because if so you have some facts seriously backwards. The only reason I even MENTIONED it is BECAUSE people have been suggesting that what happened was similar to rape and that it was abusive. I AM SIMPLY RESPONDING TO QUESTIONS.

Have a nice day regardless.

Someone that finally speaks sense. I could not agree with you more. All this shit floating round that Dallon was being abusive towards Brendon and that it was against his will is just ridiculous. I'm honestly so fed up of people labelling Dallon and branding him to be something he's not. I'm pretty sure that if Brendon didn't want Dallon touching him he would have pushed him off much earlier than he did. Thank you for speaking some sense!! x

A question by heydallonweekes

The people in this fandom really just need to learn how not to over analyze every single little thing that is done or said.
I’ve seen posts from people in the tags about their shows,(the ones that have happened since that night) saying that there was Brallon. So, obviously the push wasn’t as negative as everyone is assuming.

The push looked more flirty and "I don't want to kick you in the face" than please stop because I don't want your hands there......

A question by hopelessenuff

Agreed. I guess it just depends on the perspective. Clearly a lot of people think it looked bad. To be honest, when I first saw it I was pretty upset about it, because I thought Brendon had pushed Dallon away just because he was there, you know? But that was before I saw the full video where he does a backflip right after, and it made sense. I still wish Brendon would have done at least something to involve himself in the moment, but it makes perfect sense that he needed Dallon to get the fuck off him so he could do a backflip. I honestly can’t picture a reality where Brendon was or is in any way upset with Dallon for touching his crotch without warning, I really can’t. I know their history and personalities too well, we all do, at least those of us who care to.

I dunno. I get where everyone else is coming from and what it looked like, but you have to analyze it and understand it in full context before jumping to conclusions or assuming things. Or whatever, do what you want lol. I’m not trying to cause any trouble here, just stating what I believe and know.

It *never* occurred to me that people might think Dallon groping Brendon was abusive in any way. I mean that's their stage relationship, that's literally how they act on stage and how they have been acting on stage for years. Besides, Brendon pushing Dallon away was obviously because of the backflip, it's so obvious that I'm really surprised that anyone could even think otherwise.

A question by Anonymous

I literally could not agree more. That’s exactly how I feel. It’s crazy to think that all of a sudden, after a good 4 years of stage gay between those two, it’s somehow abusive. I’m sorry but no, just… no! Do you know nothing about this band?? Come on! Brendon has groped Dallon’s crotch WAY more times than Dallon has groped Brendon’s, BELIEVE IT. I think it must be the confusion over Brendon pushing him away, because yeah out of context it definitely did look like Dallon came up and touched Brendon inappropriately and Brendon pushed him off. Out of context it looks very wrong and sure, could definitely be considered abusive. But IN context, these two guys have been groping each other on stage (and hopefully off winkwink) for a full presidential term and Brendon was about to backflip off that platform. It feels like people either don’t want to believe that’s why Brendon pushed him off because they want to tear down Brallon, or just Dallon, or because I guess they just don’t know Brendon and Dallon’s history and whole relationship on stage… I don’t know, that would be a pretty big oversight. But it would seem like once the context was explained to people they’d say “oohhhh yeah, he was about to do a backflip” and let it go. Then again, this is the Panic! fanbase on tumblr we’re talking about…

Anyway. I fully 100% agree and feel you, anon.