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Something really did probably happen to Dallon and Brendon, like Brendon pays attention more to Kenny and Dallon looks sad now

A question by Anonymous

It’s certainly probable that their friendship has changed over the years, especially given the changes we can see, but I don’t think Dallon looks sad now. Dallon looks the same way he always has, if you ask me. He still smiles about the same amount he always has, maybe less in M&G pics because there’s no silly stuff going on, but M&G’s have drastically changed since the knowledge of the stalker came out. I know there are plenty of people who want to insist that it had nothing to do with the change in PATD’s touring security or whathaveyou, but come on. It may not be the main reason but it definitely contributed. The M&G’s are incredibly rushed now and impersonal. I don’t blame Dallon for not smiling as much in those pictures because it really is awkward the way they’re doing it now. You used to get a good few minutes with them to sign something and talk to you, now it’s just a quick handshake and a picture and then you get a pre-signed photo on your way out. I know I’m kinda off track with your question here but I see people complaining about Dallon not smiling in M&G pics all the time and I think it should be explained. Dallon’s also no where near as outgoing and extroverted as Brendon and Kenny who have no trouble smiling like idiots for pictures. 

Anyway.. I don’t know, anon. I do think that something has happened to change their friendship but they don’t seem to be any less of friends now than they’ve been before.. they just don’t go out of their way to show it like they used to. Things are a lot different now than they were on the last touring cycle and before. Dallon, Kenny, and Brendon are all married and Spencer’s not around which I’m sure put a huge strain on Brendon and Dallon’s friendship, at least I can only imagine. I dunno. I think there’s a hell of a lot of things to consider if you’re going to look at their relationship and most of them will never be explained to us as we’d like. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. Brendon and Dallon are clearly still friends and Dallon’s clearly still a fully-supported member of the band.

Anyway. Yes, it does seem like some things have changed, but not necessarily because of anything that has happened between Brendon and Dallon personally. And I don’t think it’s anything to really worry about, though of course I will haha. I love Brallon and I want more action again.. but we’ll see what happens.

Doesn't Brendon know that Dallon loves him!?!

A question by fanloverpatd

I’m sure he knows.

Is it me Or Dallon wants to keep on doing stage gay but Brendon kind od ignores him

A question by Anonymous

Definitely appears that way, anon.

Brallon is my medication

A question by Anonymous

Better take your meds then!

Hello it's me again! I just realized I never mentioned how much I love this blog. Brallon will be the death of me. 😘

A question by too-weird-timelord

Oh why thank you! We love you too and couldn’t agree more!

Do you have the links to those gifs of the kisses? Like videos??!

A question by too-weird-timelord

It’s been so long since I’ve seen them, I don’t even remember which ones they are from.

if anyone has or knows where the videos the gifs in this post are, we’re appreciate the help.  

shore-is-forever said: It has to do with Brendon feeling bad about dripping sweat on people

Haha yeah I don’t think so. I saw that interview. But he certainly doesn’t have any problem with sweating on Kenny so… I don’t think it’s that.

Have you noticed a decrease in the amount of stage gay lately? Do you think it has anything to do with Sarah?

A question by Anonymous

I don’t know what it has to do with, honestly, but yes of course we’ve noticed. It sucks. It’s hard to think it has anything to do with either of their wives though since both wives are super into it.. I dunno, it worries me.


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