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I'm just sorta fangirling over you reblogging my post tbh (I hope this doesn't sound creepy or anything you're just like a really rad person with a very rad blog and just <3)

A question by Anonymous

Aww! Haha that’s not creepy at all! Thank you so much! :)


hey!, I love your fanart, how do you make it?!(:
I would like to ask you to draw something but idk what I’d want besides it being Brallon. But I would like to thank you for that post about ryden because nothing has ever described how I feel so perfectly. ❤
two birds, one stone. sketchy brallon w/ (wacom) basic process.

I definitely appreciate your blog tbh

A question by Anonymous

Aww, well thank you! I appreciate you too, and everyone else who follows this blog!

I'm in love with this blog, actually made my day that I just found this, keep doing what you do❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

A question by crimsonvitality

Aw yay! I love making people’s days!