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The video of the Brallon “kiss” as seen in this GIF. SKIP TO AROUND 28:40. Enjoy kids :)

I saw a video where a girl asked to kiss Brendon on the cheek for a pic. Are we still allowed to do that or will Zack not approve? Just curious!

A question by Anonymous

I dunno! You’d have to ask Zack.

this hurts my head. [!]


I strongly agree with both of you.

I know i'm super late to this, but what happened between the stalker and ryan? :( I just read your stalker tag and omg i'm so angry!! Do you mind explaining a bit? If not, it's fine :)

A question by Anonymous

I’m really tired of talking about it, no offense or anything, it’s just stressful. But you can read up on stopthepanicstalker if you want to know more :)